Abraham and three AngelsIllustration:  “Abraham and three angels,” by Marc Chagall, sketch and study, 1964.

“In every province and in every city, wherever the king’s command and his edict reached, there was gladness and joy among the Jews, a feast and a holiday. And many from the peoples of the country declared themselves Jews, for fear of the Jews had fallen on them” (Esther 8:17).

The rest of the story, while a continuing story of persecution indeed, is also laced with wonderful ironic twists.  Human cast the pur, or “lots,” to determine a day to carry out his plan and he builds a gallows upon which to hang Mordecai.  He ends up leading Mordecai through town in a procession of honor ordered by the king.  Finally, Haman himself is hanged from the gallows he built in rage against Mordecai..  A prophecy spoken by Haman’s wife came to pass, and remains in the air for future generations:  “If Mordecai, before whom you have begun to fall, is of the Jewish people, you will not overcome him but will surely fall before him” (Esther 6:13b).

Someone should have told him that a lot earlier.  Perhaps Haman’s wife understood the covenant that God gave His people through Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed” (Genesis 12:3).

Even though Satan leads the persecution of God’s people, you can know that God’s promise still holds true.  Even though Jesus hung on the gallows built by the are of human sin and died, it was no victory for Satan.  It was his end.  Jesus rose from the dead.  Human and Satan both are destroyed through Jesus Christ, the blessing God promised to Abraham.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, thank You for Your blessing.  In Y’shua’s name, Amen.

Ponder the path:  How are you likely to react to those who curse you for your faith?  Rest in the assurance that God’s blessing is for you and those who curse you will be accountable to God.

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