Help Wanted!

volunteerThis month is a busy month for our ministry.  Here in St. Louis, we are preparing for Purim (our Purim party is March 10), St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, and in the midst of that I am traveling to Nebraska, Illinois and Colorado for Passover Seders and other presentations.  We are also planning and preparing for our Seder on Palm Sunday, April 9, where we usually have about 120 guests!  In addition, and fortunately I have nothing to do with it but to help advertise it,  there will be Purim parties and Passover Seders in our branches too!  Spring in Jewish ministry!

All of this activity is a blessing and affords us many opportunities to share the Gospel.  Just this morning a woman was reading our “bulletin board” outside our building and knocked on the door asking if we sold any Judaica.  Her granddaughter was having her naming ceremony (what would be a bris if the child were male), and she was looking for a pair of silver candlesticks to give to the baby.  Unfortunately, we don’t have much Judaica in stock at the building but we had a nice conversation.  (We actually tried to have a Judaica shop several years ago, but I just couldn’t get enough help!)

That is the challenge of being such a ministry with our focus.  There is so much we could do if we just had more help.  I have a volunteer ministry assistant to help with paperwork and stuff in the office, but she has had to spend much more time on her own business (she does have to eat, after all), and volunteers are few and far between.  As you may have noted from the newsletter, I am looking for volunteers in churches that I have visited to help as ministry advocates.  And we can always use help in St. Louis, Orlando, Atlanta, Detroit, Boca Raton and Sarasota!

One of our challenges here in St. Louis has been that we did not have many children, so we did not have much in the way of children’s ministry.  It is also hard to attract children if you don’t have children’s ministries.  It is a catch-22!  Praise God, that He has lifted up a volunteer for us in this area who has a lot of training in children and family ministry.  This month, our ministry has called Andrew Bolin to serve as our Family Life Minister.  He graduated from Concordia University in Ann Arbor and has served a couple of congregations.. Andrew is now a financial consultant with Thrivent, and he and his family, Rachel, Moriah and Gus are members of our congregation.  We are so thankful, to Andrew and his family, and to you who continue to sustain us with your gifts and prayers.



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