“How can God know?”–Ps. 73:11

12871472_776424932490172_5789234763924058942_nThe outreach season is in high gear as the weather starts to warm up.  Starting with our annual St. Patrick’s Day outreach, we have begun our regular outreach opportunities at the University City Loop, and I am so grateful for the help that our new outreach minister is giving me.

I have already introduced him to you through the newsletter, but I’ll repeat myself now…Rev. Brian Earl was a student of mine many years ago and worked as a volunteer with our ministry under our then evangelist, Rev. Brad Aldrich.  He served a parish for six years, and now has moved back to St. Louis and is serving as a chaplain with the Veterans Administration.  He has transferred to our congregation, and we have voted to call him as our Associate Pastor and Outreach Minister for our local branch here in St. Louis.  He serves, as all of us do, bi-vocationally, raising his support through his work at the V.A.  He has a wonderful wife, Christa, and they are a true blessing to our ministry.  He has already made the connections necessary with our regular volunteers and has had many substantive conversations about Jesus with people that he meets here in Dogtown and up in U. City.  Toward the end of this month we will have a booth in Forest Park for St. Louis’ Earth Day celebration.  Perhaps you’d be interested in volunteering?

Along with the connections that Brian is making, the rest of us keep doing what we do.  Because St. Patrick’s Day was a Thursday, Brian couldn’t be here, but we had 20 volunteers helping us out that day, one of whom was the pastor of a church in Illinois, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, that I met doing a Passover Seder in his congregation.  He, his son, and two of his elders came over on St. Pat’s and worked the day with us.  It is really important to have volunteers, especially on St. Pat’s, because I have to work my “civic duties” as I help pipe the parade that day.  But the place was in good hands, and one of the stories from that day will be in our next newsletter.  But I had an interesting conversation with a man who is just starting to warm up to the name of Jesus and the Christian faith.  He has begun to read his bible, and of course, that reading has lead to many questions that he continues to come to me with.  The most recent of his questions was “Where did Cain get his wife?”

A common objection by people who refuse to believe the creation account in Scripture, Bill is not asking to deny the faith, but legitimately wonders and needed an answer.  What was so fun about this particular question is that I had addressed this with my home-school students, because of the movie “Inherit the Wind” where the question was posed, and we (24 of us, including students, friends, parents and siblings) all schlepped out to Cincinnati for an overnight field trip to the Creation Museum.  They just happened to have a little booklet entitled “Where did Cain get his wife?”  I picked some of them up, and had one for Bill, as well as for others.  We had a great conversation.  I just love it when God anticipates my needs like that!  He is so good.

http://www.BurningBushLCMS.org http://www.ChaivShalom.com

(By the way, I am taking applications now for next year so if you would like more information about home-schooling or Classical Conversations, give me a call–(314) 645-4456.)


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