From the Line of David

King DavidIllustration:  “David with his harp” by Marc Chagall, 1956.  Color lithograph.

“Your house and your kingdom will endure forever before Me; your throne will be established forever” (2 Samuel 7:16).

As we await the coming of Messiah, we can count a few promises that have already been fulfilled. As God promised Abraham, his people became a mighty nation. As God promised through Jacob, a king from Judah ruled all of Israel. Many probably believed the time was almost fulfilled and Messiah would come soon.

After centuries of constantly moving, King David and his people settled in their own land. With this new security, David wanted to build a house for God, a permanent structure worthy of the God of Israel, rather than the tent that had been His dwelling place. But God scoffed at the audacity of his offer. “Are you the one to build Me a house to dwell in?” (2 Samuel 7:5). God wanted only one thing from His people: their love, and the obedience it inspired. God didn’t need David to do anything for Him. Instead, God promised that David’s throne would endure forever—another promise that Messiah would come from David’s line, and His reign would never end.

Prayer: Thank You for bringing me into the everlasting house of Messiah Jesus. Help me remember the gift of salvation. Amen.

As We Wait: In prosperous times it’s easy to forget God’s promises to save you because you don’t think you need to be saved! Like David, you may think God needs you. Remember today that God delivers you daily from sin. http://www.ChaivShalom


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