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#LoveWins…does it?

rainbow-2It would be almost impossible for me to write this blog and not comment on the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding same-sex marriage.  And no, I’m not going to reiterate our church body’s stand on the issue, you can read that in President Harrison’s comments here.

The thing that strikes me is how joyous everyone is over the decision, even those who would not normally be associated with the LGBTQ community.  Here in our own little neighborhood of Dogtown, rainbow flags came out of the closet for a day and flew proudly while everyone went to social media and cited the mantra #LoveWins while they availed themselves of the rainbow overlay that Facebook conveniently offered to it’s members for their profile picture.

The Jewish community proudly got on board as the American Jewish Committee celebrated with a tweet, “For 109 years AJC has stood for liberty and human rights.  Today is a happy day for that proud tradition #LoveWins.”  The Anti-Defamation League tweeted, “This is a great day for Civil Rights!  Happy Pride!  #MarriageEquality for all.  #LoveWins.”  The irony of all of this is that Jewish groups cite the Scriptures for their motivation to support these so-called “civil rights” issues.  One such statement by the Rabbinical Assembly read, “Jewish tradition reminds us that we were all created equally in the ‘image of God’ (Genesis 1:27), and also shows us that marriage is a sacred responsibility, not only between the partners, but also between the couple and the larger community.”

Now its one thing for the Jewish community to stand with perceived “oppressed” groups because they feel that they have been oppressed too.  It’s a totally different thing to bring God into it, and then pick and choose which verses from Scripture that they want to use.  This is the problem with witnessing to Jewish people, and with any people who have even a modicum of Scriptural knowledge.  They hang their hats on texts they like, and disregard texts that don’t agree with them.

Firstly, no where does it say in Scripture that we were created equally.  That is an American constitutional construction.  In fact, the Scriptures are clear that there are many differences between us, and as those who were created, we were created man and woman, yes, in God’s image but with a clear spiritual hierarchy.  And why were they created man and woman, but to be fruitful and multiply, to increase in number…the rest of Genesis 1:27!  What were the rabbis thinking?  Furthermore, marriage is a “sacred responsibility,” as they say, but set apart by God for procreating.  Impossible in a same-sex “marriage.”  So here’s my social media mantra…#GodIsLove, #LoveGrieves.  OK, so it is now off my chest.  Thank you for putting up wth me.