High Five!

IMG_3554My daughter and her husband just sent me this picture from their appointment with their obstetrician.  Rachel had the caption “High Five!” under the picture.  What an awesome picture that this is!  It is hard to imagine anyone wanting to abort their baby.  If they could just see these pictures…

This picture is of my third grandchild.  I don’t yet know if it is a boy or a girl, but what I do know is that this baby is 20 weeks and 3 days old.  She (let’s call her a she) is reaching out to explore whatever is going on outside of her little insulated world.  Maybe she’s just stretching, but maybe she’s responding to the poking and prodding that is going on.  I am so thankful to God for this wonderful moment when we get to experience the miracle of creation and life.  He is so awesome, and so is she, my little grand baby.  And I am so thankful that Rachel & Josh would never think of killing this child of God.

I was watching something on Hulu the other day and an advert for Planned Parenthood came on.  I was sickened as they advertised their services for “emergency contraception.”  They didn’t use the words abortion, baby, or any other word that would indicate that this is a life, created by God, and loved by someone.  Here in Missouri, a mother could look at this picture and then have an abortion.  Though we are a relatively conservative state, you can still legally have an abortion up to 22 weeks and 6 days.  Can you imagine?  And certainly, in other states that date could be even later.

This past Sunday was “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.”  Established in 1984 as the third Sunday in January by a Presidential proclamation from President Ronald Reagan, it is an opportunity to thank God for His creation.  Here’s what President Reagan said when he established this day…”I call upon the citizens of this blessed land to gather on that day in homes and places of worship to give thanks for the gift of life, and to reaffirm our commitment to the dignity of every human being and the sanctity of each human life.”

Yet today, so far, you can now have an abortion and have the government pay for it.  Fortunately, yesterday, the U.S. House passed a bill that will permanently ban funding for abortion costs, including tax credits under the Affordable Care Act.  Unfortunately, should it make it through the Senate, President Obama has vowed to veto it saying that such a ban “unnecessarily restricts women’s reproductive freedom and consumers’ private insurance options.”  Such language for the President to use around an issue of life or death!

And furthermore, since this is my blog and I get to rail on it, even were there to be statewide referendum banning abortion in 36 states, the federal courts and the Supreme Court would probably come along and overturn state’s rights and call banning abortion unconstitutional (regardless of the Constitutional Right to Life…and by the way, who is advocating for the baby’s life while we are worried about women’s reproductive freedom and consumers’ private insurance options?).  That is what is going on with the same-sex marriage issues, though a vast majority of this country is opposed to same-sex marriage, and has voted to not allow such “marriages.”  A vast majority of this country is opposed to abortion, but that doesn’t seem to sway the President or the courts.

There is a battle going on for our souls.  That battle has been won by Y’shua’s crucifixion, death and resurrection, yet Satan still fights to take many down with him.  It isn’t enough to petition government, argue legislation, or vote.  All these things are important, but clearly not enough.  We have to get people to turn to Him who has created us, male and female, and breathed life into our bodies at conception.  The theme for this year’s Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is Psalm 139:16:  “Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.”  Those babies are precious, and those mothers are too.  We need to be a haven for both and share Christ’s love and forgiveness.

We cannot afford to let any government do our work for us.  Christ is the only hope for us, and the Church is the only hope for the world.  Share your faith, tell the story and may many be written into the Lamb’s Book of Life.

http://www.BurningBushLCMS.org http://www.ChaivShalom.com


2 thoughts on “High Five!

  1. Congratulations Pastor, I have a hard time imaging any doing something so awful to something so beautiful ,a gift from God. Thankfully some decide to not abort if they can get them to ha e an ultrasound and that little blubber. Love your blog.


  2. The law “allows” women to have abortions, it does not “force” them. I agree that the Church needs to direct it’s efforts more towards providing love and alternatives for women seeking abortions, instead of being another “political” entity trying to change laws. Christians, in there vocation as “citizen” should get involved politically by voting prolife and/or running for political office. Until there is enough of a majority in congress to override a presidential veto no change will be made. And to obtain that, hearts need to be changed first.


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