Monthly Archives: November 2013

Sin in the digital world

There are basically two worlds out there…the PC world and the MAC world. The PC world speaks Windows, and the MAC world speaks OS and then there is Linux, but we won’t even talk about that.

When I went to college I took computer programming classes in Fortran, etc. and we worked on a WANG the size of a small classroom! In those days I still used a slide rule and the four-function calculator was just coming out. Wow, how things have changed in just a few years. I, like all good geeks had the TRS-80 (we called it the “trash 80”) but soon moved to the Apple II, and have been speaking Apple ever since.

But that’s really not true. After I came to faith in Jesus, I ended up selling my business and going to work for the Church. I was in Denver, at St. John’s, and they were all networked with IBMs and I had to learn how to speak PC. By the time I came to the seminary, I was in the PC world and got my first laptop. The PC world seemed to be taking over, but with that lion’s share of the industry, it came with hackers, viruses and all kinds of aggravation. I had to update my virus protection seemingly monthly, and often had to reformat hard drives, etc. As soon as I was able, I retreated to the safe world of the MAC…far more expensive, but far fewer problems in my mind.

Well, the MAC world is not necessarily safe. Just the other day, for the first time in my life, I got hacked. Some marketing company stole my address book and sent many of you spam. For that I am sorry. But it did illustrate something for me. No place is safe, and it’s too easy to run.

I had lunch the other day with an older Jewish woman who wants a friendship, is growing in her “spirituality” but made it clear to me that she will “never be a Christian.” For her, it’s “just too hard.” She finds the world she’s in to be safe, at least culturally, and knows what she’s dealing with. And she lives under the illusion that to ever believe in Christ is to deal with all new problems. For her it would be like having to move to a different world and speak a different language. I wish I knew what I could say to help her understand that her world is not safe, and sin is crouching at her door.

Hacking and viruses are just sin in the digital world. I’ll never know why anyone would get such joy out of stealing or destroying another’s property. But we can’t run from it either. The solution to sin is always Jesus, and our only safety is in Him. It is this message that every day we have to find new ways to share, because there are so many out there who think that they are safe. Church, Prayer, the Sacraments, and the Holy Spirit are the best virus protection we can have! Praise Him.