Symphony in the Flint Hills

shapeimage_2One of the things I really enjoy doing is to help other congregations with outreach ideas and training. This last month, I had the opportunity to help a group of churches in Eastern Kansas with an outreach they wanted to do during the “Symphony in the Flint Hills.”

It seems that every year, the Kansas City Symphony has a concert somewhere in rural Kansas. This year they played in the Flint Hills region of Eastern Kansas, with a concert that they titled “Music on the Prairie in harmony with Nature.”

Thousands of people come to these concerts, so it’s a good opportunity for rural churches to get the message out to the visitors, as well as to those local people who attend. One of my former students is a pastor in McFarland, KS, and he, along with four other churches, put together an outreach initiative that they accompanied with an opportunity to spread the gospel with an event they called, “Preaching on the Prairie.” They invited Rev. Wallace Schultz to preach, and invited me to write a couple of gospel tracts and to send a team to help them with the weekend.

So I wrote a tract for the “Preaching…” event, and one for the “Symphony…” event. (Both can be seen on our website if you are interested.) I had already been scheduled somewhere else for that weekend, but I sent Rev. Brad Aldrich and a team of volunteers to Eastern Kansas to help. (It is so nice to have other staff to rely on when I am not available!) Brad is an evangelist called to Lutherans in Jewish Evangelism, and helps coordinate outreach events here in St. Louis with our congregation. He and his team handed out about 2000 tracts during the weekend, and Brad engaged in “street preaching” during a festival in Alta Vista, KS that weekend.

All in all, it was a good opportunity to show how ministries can work together to accomplish outreach goals. Brad is continuing to work in Eastern Kansas, partnering with campus ministries there to reach out to students, and I will be going back next spring to lead a regional Seder there. If you have any interest in doing something similar for events in your area, give me a call, and let’s talk about how we might work together for the sake of sharing the Gospel in your community. Be blessed and stay cool!


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