A Royal Wedding

ImageChrist is Risen! May you continue to be blessed as you live out the promise of salvation in Y’shua!

One of the many blessings of this season is that it is a season of weddings, with wonderful pictures being painted of the relationship that we (the Church) have with our bridegroom Y’shua. And one of the most beautiful weddings that I have seen, outside of my daughter’s, is the wedding between William and Kate.

Now, if I have to explain who they are, you clearly don’t care about English royalty. OK, many in my congregation don’t either, and I heard about it when I used the Royal Wedding as illustrations for my sermons two Sundays in a row. (I think I even heard some booing and hissing on the second Sunday!) But what a wonderful wedding it was, and I have to admit, I am somewhat of an anglophile and really love to watch the English Royal family in all their glory. (After all, there are plenty of opportunities to watch them in their weakness!) But the story behind William and Kate is a fairy tale come to life.

After all, Kate is a commoner. Yet, as she prepared to marry the future King of England, the Queen made her the Duchess of Cambridge, and she is now the future Queen of England. And in many ways, that is what the King of the Universe has done for us. While I hate to equate the status of commoner with sin, sin is the common condition of all of humanity. And yet, God, who cannot abide with sin, bestowed upon us a greater title than Duchess of Cambridge, but Child of God and Forgiven. He took us out of our common state, and made us worthy to marry royalty, the Prince of Peace, Y’shua.

Wow, what a story.

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