Monthly Archives: March 2011

Spring has Sprung

ImageSpring has sprung in St. Louis and the signs of Spring are everywhere!

On the sidewalk outside our offices here in Dogtown we have a couple of tables with chairs for folks to sit and enjoy the weather, and this week I’ve noticed several taking advantage of that. It gives me the opportunity to go out and visit with them and share what goes on in this crazy-looking yellow building…

I just got a fresh crop of new Seminary students to work with for the Spring quarter… We’re gearing up for our St. Patrick’s Day Outreach…

And I was invited to speak this week at the close of a winter Women’s bible study on the book of Judges! My first question, of course, was why a group of ladies wanted to study Judges, with all that death, destruction, mutilation and general mayhem. But they certainly seemed to enjoy the study and had some great questions for follow-up for me. Among the many great blessings of the time I spent with them (great fellowship & great food!) was the fact that one of the ladies there invited a friend of hers to come and hear me speak. Her friend is Jewish, and seemingly open to the Gospel.

This Jewish lady came up and introduced herself to me following my presentation and we talked very frankly and openly about Jesus. Her father is a holocaust survivor, and she grew up in an observant home, having attended Yeshiva as a girl. One of the questions that has plagued her for a while now is why there is so much anger and resentment toward the name of Jesus. I had been asked this question during the Q&A and got to speak at length on this, and that prompted her to talk to me about it. She then made sure that I had her name and phone number, and we agreed to meet over coffee to talk more at length.

Truthfully, it is not often that I get to meet a Jewish person so open to talking about Jesus. I believe that she is close to faith and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of her journey. What a wonderful, and unexpected blessing to come out of such a book as Judges.