A Writer’s Dilemma

ImageMy wife is working on a couple of online things to help our ministry, and she started talking to me about blogs, advertising, etc.  According to the current research, people will not read your blog if it is more than 500 words!  Oy!  I knew the attention span of people was decreasing, but that is ridiculous.  The three “blogs” that I have posted are 780 words, 1150 words, and 1250 words respectively.  I guess I don’t blog, then, but instead write essays and short stories.  No wonder nobody is reading them!

I truly am lamenting the loss of writing and communication skills.  For years I resisted the use of internet shorthand.  One of the things that I like to do is play cards on the internet, usually Spades, Hearts or Euchre.  I justify the time that I spend doing so because of the chat element of the game.  I have had many good conversations with people over the internet (my moniker is Rev Kevye) during a card game, sometimes even leading to exchanged e-mails and much deeper conversations about Jesus.  They usually begin with “r u really a rev?”  And typical of my inability to change, I would respond with complete sentences with reasonably correct grammar and punctuation.  (I am also a little OCD about spelling though I do know that I am far from a perfect grammarian, speller or even that great a writer.)  I can tell that my communication style during these card games grows tedious for the other players, though on rare occasion I do get a comment about having style.  (I suppose it would be appropriate here to insert a smiling emoticon.)

I guess what has spawned this edition of “Incensed!” is that this conversation with Colleen was right on the heels of a conversation with my daughter Courtney, who was telling me that modern educators are not teaching spelling or grammar anymore in school because of the advent of “spell check.”  We have begun to rely on the computer for checking our spelling and grammar, and of course, it is so infallible that we don’t need to even edit our own work.  Rough drafts are a thing of the past.  (BTW, my spell check doesn’t seem to like the word “blog” or the phrase “play cards,” and it doesn’t approve of my using “exchanged” as a modifier of “e-mails.” But it has no problem with the word emoticon?  I guess that’s a real word now.  And, BTW, it doesn’t object to “BTW” either!)

Now I’m all for economy of language, and language evolves there is no question.  Additionally, I do know that my writing style is conversational, and so I don’t always restrict myself to strict rules of writing.  That used to drive CPH editors nuts.  But I do think there is still room in writing for purple prose.  We dare not lose our style, even at the risk of being tedious for those readers who have a short attention span.  And let’s face it, most of us will keep writing, whether we have readers or not.  And I suppose that’s the value of a blog!  …524 words…I tried.

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Post some pictures instead maybe. Isn’t a picture worth a thousand word?

Friday, October 22, 2010 – 07:50 AM


Twelve of those words were used to describe:   =)

I agree, we are losing the art of both writing and reading.  But it didn’t start with blogs.  Didn’t we do the same with Clif Notes?

Friday, October 22, 2010 – 08:48 AM


Hey Rev,

Love the new website! Please make a way we can share it on FB, Twitter etc.


Friday, October 22, 2010 – 08:49 AM


I guess that’s something I’ll have to learn about.  Thanks Sharise!

Friday, October 22, 2010 – 03:56 PM


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