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The High Holidays

shapeimage_3September has come, and with the autumn comes a busy time for our ministry. I will be speaking at a Jewish/Muslim evangelism conference in Detroit, preaching in Rolla, MO, and in Marietta, GA. I’ll be on the radio a couple of times and we will be beginning a new branch of our ministry in Georgia. Why so busy…I’m sure you can guess. September brings the High Holy Days of the Jewish people, and seems to increase interest in our ministry as well.

In addition to all of these things, we do host High Holy Day services here in St. Louis. We have a Rosh Hashanah service, two Yom Kippur services, two Sukkot gatherings, and two fellowships…one following Yom Kippur and of course, our annual Labor Day BBQ. Wow!

One of the blessings of such a busy schedule is that I have many more opportunities to talk to people about Jesus, both Jewish and non-Jewish. I have had several phone calls from Jewish people, asking what time our services are for the High Holy Days. Now some, certainly, call us not realizing that we are not a traditional Jewish synagogue. Of course, I would not want them coming to services without knowing who we are and the hope that we have in Y’shua, so I get to talk to them. Some hang up right away, some carry on the conversation. I can think of at least two Jewish people who have committed to coming for services and who want more conversation, and one of them has been coming to our Midweek Midrash (Wednesday night bible study) for the last two weeks.

And, in addition to them, there seems to be a greater interest in the non-Jewish community who for some reason want to explore their Jewish roots. These are often people who claim to be Christian, but have not been going to church for some time, and have been hurt at some point. They are looking for something and don’t really know what it is. We’ve had two visitors to church in the last two weeks who fit this description. Between Labor Day and Sukkot, I will get to meet a lot of new people who need Jesus.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010