Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Color Yellow


Now frankly, if you’ve been to our offices here in St. Louis, you know what the building looks like and you know it could use some work. It is much the same as it was when I first rented an office in the building in 1997. I suppose at some time during my tenure here as a tenant, the landlord painted the facade and put up a new awning, but our building just didn’t stand out. In fact, many people are surprised when I tell them where we are, because they drive by our building every day on the busy street that is Clayton Ave. and never notice it! This frustrated me to no end.

Well…during our Saturday clean-up day, we were cleaning up the outside, painting doors and windows white, and I was comparing paint chips for the facade, with the intent of painting it the same color! Why? I don’t know…but my wife said, “if you’re going to paint, why not change the color?” And it was a good idea, so we all settled on yellow, I went to the store and bought the paint, etc., and I set about painting the next week. There were some complaints from those in the congregation who didn’t show up the previous Saturday, but they had a chance!

While I was painting, usually early in the morning during the following week, our building started to stand out a little on the street. I got to talk to so many people who stopped by while I was working, and the general mood of the neighborhood was how cheerful the building looked! My wife potted some flowers and we put out some tables and chairs on the sidewalk, and now, people are using the space as we had hoped, as they stop by to chat, eat their lunch under the awning, and generally know now who we are and what we are doing. All for the color yellow!

shapeimage_2And apparently, while I was gone on vacation, the congregation here has embraced the color too. The guest pastor called it a “pleasant surprise” and we had some visitors in my absence that were drawn to “the cheerful church” on Clayton. A cheerful church…what a pleasant surprise! I think Jesus is smiling..I’ll put a picture on the website and I hope you smile too!