Monthly Archives: June 2010

The Sunflower State et. al.,

shapeimage_2I think I have been “short-sighted” about a few things during the course of my ministry. I’m sure there are many other things I am short-sighted about, but one that glares at me recently is the desire for our ministry in many places around the country. Let me explain…

Our ministry has a long-term goal of a branch of our ministry in every city in the U.S. with a Jewish population of over 20,000. I know that this is an artificial number and that all Jewish people everywhere are in need of the gospel, but we had to start somewhere. What this left us to “start” with is 39 cities in the United States. Currently, we have four branches in four of those cities. Obviously, we have a long way to go.

But, what I have been short sighted about is the desire for learning and outreach in other than those 39 major cities. As an example, we have a partner church in Western Kansas that wants to start a branch of our ministry. Trust me, Western Kansas is not on the list. But in their own words, “hey, we go to Denver for shopping, dining and football games, why not evangelism?” Denver is definitely on the list! And since I have had a tough time getting ministry going in Denver, why not from Western Kansas?

I was reminded again by a church in Waterloo, Iowa last weekend. Iowa doesn’t even show up on the radar of most demographic studies where Jewish people are concerned, yet I met several people who know Jewish people and want to learn how to share the gospel with them. One such lady shared with me that a member of her family had converted to Judaism and asked me to pray with her about this family member.

What this all tells me is that while I need to focus on the larger areas of the country, I can’t forget those wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ who want to start work too! In Iowa, we’re starting a “Messianic Friendship group” (basically a small-group bible study) where they will start learning about Jewish people and better ways to share. I’m excited! Would you like to start one too?